West African Pastor Daniel Zopoula experiences the power of charitable spirit and global outreach

Daniel ZopoulaBishop and founding Pastor at the Miz City Church in Lethbridge, Alberta, Daniel Zopoula regularly meets with members of his congregation to share the word of the Lord. Through his words and deed, Daniel profoundly impacts the way people live; inspiring people to resilience, charity, and compassion all over the world.

Born in Burkina Faso, West Africa, Daniel Zopoula has experienced first­hand the power of a charitable spirit and global outreach. He moved to Canada at a young age to pursue his dreams and study theology, which opened his eyes to the powerful verses and lessons to be gleaned from God’s word. Despite moving across the globe, he never forgot about his modest upbringing and vowed to give back in a meaningful and tangible way. In the early 1990s, Zopoula studied the Bible and theology at a variety of Canadian and American doctrinal and theological institutes, including Ambrose University and Eston College.

A few years later, Daniel Zopoula founded, and is now the president of, the Bridges of Hope International Network. The multinational charity is dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Since its establishment, Bridges of Hope has worked in four key areas to achieve its goals, such as economic development, health, education, and critical intervention. Zopoula and his charity work in developing nations to provide medical assistance, strategic financing, farming initiatives, and sponsorship programs to enable sustainability and growth in struggling communities.

In addition to the charity’s poverty reduction work, the organization also partners with local non­profits to assist with the building of fresh water wells, hospitals and orphanages. It achieves this by helping with farming and food production, as well as improving education in the region. One element that Daniel Zopoula focuses on is the partnership between the organization and its citizens. Together, they help facilitate and support sustainable enterprise, a method which he believes creates lasting and meaningful employment opportunities in the future.

Aside from his work at the church, Daniel Zopoula is also an eager entrepreneur and author. He is the senior consultant at Life Direction Training and Consulting Incorporated, a firm specializing in discovering the hidden potential and value of people in less­fortunate regions. He has written two books, ‘More Than Nothing’, published in 2008, and ‘The Wars on Unity’, scheduled for publication in 2017. Zopoula is often invited to speak about his passion and his charitable efforts in developing countries, due to his continued support for charitable causes across the globe. Zopoula received the Orders of Burkina Faso, an award he holds for his global contribution to international development and his philanthropic reach and impact. He is also a lecturer and dean at the Logos Burkina University where he serves as a custodian to higher education; unleashing the worth and potential of people, profoundly impacting the way people live.